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The departments and their areas of activity in the organization of the Strater Translation Center are listed below.

Department of Marketing and Sales Management

The promotion of the activities and products of the Strater Translation Center, and customer relations are carried out by this department. Preparation of website content and promotional files, market research and analysis, the state of the sector, potential customer tracking, examination of the potential demands of these customers and the determination of need for services and products for them are included in the department's job description.

Department of Language Services

Translation requests from customers are received and projected by this department.

  • Preparation of customer-specific engines, terminology study and training and testing of the engine with relevant documents,
  • Machine translation of the translation request via the corresponding engines,
  • Control of texts that output when the machine translation phase ends,
  • Delivery of the completed translation to the client

 are included in the job description of this department.

Department of Business Development and Technical Support

Business and product development works to meet the needs of new services and products determined by the department of Marketing and Sales Management; desktop publishing activities; preparation of the technical infrastructure of the activities, applications and services in our center; designating the hardwares and softwares are within the scope of this department